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admin 2012-07-12 19:00
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Kerstin 2012-07-25 02:13
very nice :)
Hafizul.com.my 2013-05-26 10:01
Assalamualaikum all,

I am really impressed with alquran.eu and wanted to share about Al Fathun Nawa book (Contemporary Al-Quran interpretation).Come to preview and download Al Fathun Nawa e-book @ www.hafizul.com.my

about the e-book:

Al Fathun Nawa is a contemporary Al-Quran interpretation book which means Explosion of Nuclear. The book interprets the Noble of Al-Qur’an with its own verses through ‘slicing methodology’ and logical explanation in relation to "Qur'an-God-Furqan-Mankind-Humanity"(Qur'an-Tuhan-Furqan-Manusia-Kemanusiaan). The book describes ways toward prosperity in life through the understanding of Al-Qur’an.

By interpreting the meaning of the Noble Quran, the author, Dr. Halo-N, The First Al Quranic Scientist of The World & GUSI Peace Prize 2012 Laureate. made a significant breakthrough in the area of Biochemistry by successfully establishing five formulas and theories to the field of natural products.

Al-Fathun Nawa (the interpretation of Noble Quran) was deliberated in international seminar “Keajaiban Al-Quran dalam Bidang Sains – The Miracle of Al-Quran in The Field of Science” that was conducted in 23-24 November 2011, organized by Institut Agama Islam Negeri Imam Bonjol, Padang Sumatera. In this event, Dr.Halo-N has been conferred as The First Al Quranic Scientist of The World.In 2012, he has been awarded as GUSI Peace Prize International at Manila, Phillipine.

Come and download Al Fathun Nawa e-book (pdf) at www.hafizul.com.my
you can also participate in online discussion at  facebook page - facebook.com/alfathunnawa & facebook.com/datodrhalon .Show your love and support to Al Quran.

Hafizul Publications
Vivien Kohajda 2018-02-16 13:07

As Salaam Alaicum!

I would like to warn You about a danger.

Islam is not the only religion today which aims to conquer the world by Holy War. There is another one, the American based Church of Scientology. Contrary with Islam-which is a traditional religion, teaches its’ tenets honestly, and its’followers openly admit their Muslim identity and fight like men-Scientology is rotten to the core!

Scientology is not a traditional religious indoctrination, it is a psychological mindcontrol; the followers go mad and obey like zombies do. Scientology hides its’ dirty practices from public oppinion- for example, they seek to destroy everyone who opposes scientology (via slow poisoning, ’accidents’, killer doctors and nurses in hospitals etc.- mainstream media is silent about this, being but another tool of Western Capitalism).

Very few scientologists admit their followership, so that the world should think, that Scientology is a minority religion! In fact, there are many of them worldwide, and their numbers are growing! Hiding their identity helps them to murder, spy and infiltrate key positions.

Scientologists infiltrate other religions, too! They formally follow traditional religions’ habits, but not the inner spirit- emptying religions like parasitic worms eat a body from inside…Beware of those alien souls!

Scientology is spreading fast: although its’ tenets are absurd and ridiculous, the psychological manipulation is effective and those who turn into scientologists, spread it fanatically.

Dear Muslims! Realize, that Your biggest enemy is not the United States alone. The worst enemy of Yours (and whole mankind) is the global army of scientologist zombies- not troops by daylight, but assassins hiding in secrecy!

Islam is the only religion, which is warlike enough to stop them! Don’t let them turn the Earth into living hell!

Abdul Waheed 2018-03-15 11:43
This is another resource to learn Quran , https://www.quranteaching.com
OnlineQuran 2018-11-07 15:21
<a href="https://eonlinequran.com/">Online Quran</a>

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